Columbia Carbon 32 Sailboat

An all carbon sport boat built to order – just for you.

  • Columbia Carbon 32 Custom Build

    Custom Build

    This is your Columbia Carbon 32 sailboat – custom built to order, tailored to your requirements. Get exactly what you want.

  • Columbia Carbon 32 Compromise


    There is no compromise with your Columbia Carbon 32 – make your sailboat an offshore performance racer, a family friendly cruiser, or set it up for single handed day sailing.

  • Columbia Carbon 32 Convenient


    The Carbon 32 has a lifting keel and is easily trailered so you can dry store your sailboat and even take your sailboat to all your favorite sailing destinations.

  • Columbia Carbon 32

    Carbon Fiber

    The Carbon 32 hull and deck are made from carbon fiber and we use vacuum resin infusion to produce a stiffer and lighter sailboat.

  • Columbia Carbon 32 Cutting Edge

    Cutting Edge

    Your Carbon 32 deserves the latest in sailing innovation, from textile clutches, to synthetic rigging, to electric propulsion.

  • Columbia Carbon 32 Competitive


    The Carbon 32, from Kernan Yacht Design, has a proven hull design and will be assembled by experienced sailboat builders making it a worry free experience compared to the unknown of one-off custom sailboat.

  • Columbia Carbon 32 Cost Effective

    Cost Effective

    We’ve made the investment and developed over 70 vacuum infusion molds for the Carbon 32. We have the knowledge and tools to build the sailboat efficiently, enabling us to build you a superior, custom sailboat, at production prices.

  • Columbia Carbon 32 Customer Care

    Customer Care

    We are a full service builder that will see you and your Carbon 32 all the way from raw materials, to launch, and even to the finish line of your first race.

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Looking back towards the companion way and aft berths Retractable, high-aspect ratio bulb keel. Downwind

The Carbon 32 is an all carbon-fiber vacuum resin infused constructed sailboat. It’s stiff carbon structure maximizes power transfer from the sails into boat speed. This sailboat is light – only 4,000lbs ready to race – allowing it to plane easily and stay on that plane longer! The deck layout brings everything close to hand making the sailboat easier and safer to sail. The interior is simple and functional but comfortable for offshore cruising or racing. The Carbon 32 has been designed to be raced with a minimal crew of 3-4 sailors – less people means less body weight, less food and supplies, and less gear – which makes this sailboat great for mid-long point to point races.

Some of the other highlights include:

  • Fixed or retractable carbon bow sprit
  • Vacuum resin-infused, high aspect ratio carbon-fiber rudder and carbon-fiber tiller
  • High ballast to displacement ratio giving more righting moment
  • Lifting keel for trailering
  • Refined and simplified interior to reduce weight
  • Optimized sailplan for maximum power
  • Integrated life raft compartment with removable hatch cover – also doubles as swim step
  • Head located forward of the mast.
  • Standing headroom down below.
  • Two aft quarter berths with adjustable leeboards, and two additional berths in the salon.
  • Integrated ice boxes on port and starboard.
  • Auxiliary power options include inboard diesel with RETRACTABLE PROPELLER, all-electric 48 volt, saildrive or outboard power.
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The first Columbia Carbon 32’s are now racing Long Island Sound with great results (see “Six Brothers wins 2014 AYC Spring Series“). This sailboat has proved itself it a variety of conditions, both around the buoys and on distance races, and crews have clocked downwind boat speeds over 20 knots!