Block Island Race

“Weegie”, a Columbia Carbon 32, was on the water again over Memorial Day Weekend competing in the 2014 Storm Trysail Club Block Island Race. This is a 186 nm distance race that starts off Stamford Harbor rounds Block Island and finishes back in Stamford Harbor. “Weegie” was sailing in the PHRF 2 (Time on Time) division – a fleet of 8 boats. They crossed the finish line after a little more than 37 hours to claim 2nd place in PHRF 2 and a very respectable 4th out of all 26 PHRF boats competing. Even more remarkable is that “Weegie” was sailing with a crew of just 3!

“”It was a fun race, the boat went wonderfully, we were looking at 10+ hours potentially of planing on the way home, but the wind turned making it mostly an upwind race. We did get the kites up for a bit on the back of Block, the ocean swells making it interesting! This race we had a code zero and our new square top main, our upwind performance was much higher on the polar meter. With all the upwind time, we held our own against much bigger boats.”

- Richard Fleischman, Owner/Skipper of “Weegie”

2014 Storm Trysail Club Block Island Race Results – PHRF 2

Pos Sail Name Type Rating Corrected
1 USA 28990 Spectre Tripp 40 33.0 /
1:12:51:48 2
2 USA 60449 Weegie Columbia 32 54.0 /
1:15:58:33 4
3 USA 60937 threebeans Santa Cruz 37 30.0 /
1:16:03:15 5
4 USA 51512 Rocket Science J 120 45.0 /
1:16:11:35 6
5 USA 30252 Moxy X-Yachts xp33 75.0 /
1:17:56:49 13
6 USA 224 That’s Ridiculous Beneteau First 36.7 87.0 /
1:18:27:39 14
7 USA 60260 Milky Way Dufour 40 81.0 /
1:18:49:10 15
8 USA 60077 Respite Archambault A40RC 33.0 /
Complete Regatta Results

Element Boat Works

A New Partnership with Columbia Yachts – Element Boat Works

A full service marine repair center and manufacturer, versed in fiberglass and carbon fiber repair and fabrication. We specialize in boat repair, painting, complete restorations and boat building for sail and power boats up to 50 feet.

Element Boat Works has worked on many different kinds of project:

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Columbia Carbon 32 Dealers

Columbia Yachts is looking for well qualified sailboat dealers to represent the Carbon 32. Columbia Yachts is based on the West Coast so we are primarily looking for East Coast Dealers. There are already two Columbia 32s racing on Long Island Sound with others sailing on Lake Eire and Lake Lanier, GA – these boats are being sailed competitively and are winning regattas. There is a lot of potential for this all-carbon sailboat. We are looking for a motivated dealer that recognizes this opportunity and Columbia Yachts is committed to supporting the right dealer to help make the boat a nationwide success.

For more information please contact us.

Carbon 32 Versatility..

More racing news from the East coast as two Carbon 32s compete in Larchmont Yacht Club’s 59th Annual Edlu Distance Race. The race garnered a lot of attention as it was the first event in the US to pioneer the new “Plus One” concept of racing where boats are sailed short handed in an attempt to increase participation by not requiring everyone to put together large crews in order to sail their boats.

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Carbon 32 “Six Brothers” Wins 2014 AYC Spring Series

The Columbia Carbon 32 “Six Brothers” started the second weekend of the 2014 American Yacht Club AYC Spring Series in 1st place with a narrow 2-point lead (see pictures from the first weekend). The team, skippered by Chris Kramer, quickly picked up where they left off taking 3 out of 4 bullets giving “Six Brothers” only 16 points from 10 races (with one throw-out). This was enough to win their PHRF I Div 3 with a comfortable 6 point margin.

“We flew by the Farr 40 at 18.4 knots. The J/111s finished 9+ minutes behind us in a 15 mile race. The [Columbia Carbon 32] was flying!”

- Chris Kramer, Owner/Skipper of “Six Brothers”

This coming weekend, May 10th 2014, “Six Brothers” is back on the water along with the other Long Island Sound Columbia Carbon 32, “Weegie”, to compete in the 2014 59th EDLU Distance Race hosted by Larchmont Yacht Club.

Learn more about the Columbia Carbon 32, and if you’re interested in becoming a dealer then please contact us.

2014 AYC Spring Series Results – PHRF I Div 3

Pos Sail Name Type 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Overall
1 USA 32006 Six Brothers C-32 3 3 [4] 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 16.0
2 USA 60059 Oakcliff Racing Farr 40 1 1 1 5 4 4 1 3 2 [5] 22.0
3 USA 46850 Leverage Schock 40 2 4 2 2 3 3 3 [4] 3 2 27.0
4 USA 26 Andiamo J/111 5 2 3 3 2 [6] 2 2 4 4 27.0
5 USA 61740 Moonshine Melges 32 4 [7] 5 4 5 2 6 5 7 3 41.0
6 USA 60909 Bravo J/111 6 5 6 6 6 5 5 7 [7] 6 52.0
Complete Regatta Results

“Six Brothers” in 1st after AYC Spring Series Weekend #1

On April 26th/27th at the first weekend of the American Yacht Club Spring Series a Columbia Carbon 32, “Six Brothers“, took first place overall. After winning the last 3 races in a row out of a total of 6 races (with one throw-out) “Six Brothers” is sitting in 1st place with a 2 point lead over a very competitive fleet. Continue Reading →

Carbon 32 Winter Incentive

Every Spring we get a bunch of phone calls, “I have a regatta in three weeks. How soon can you deliver a Columbia Carbon 32?” It’s frustrating to tell these people, who love our boat, and are ready to buy, that it will be four to five months before we can deliver a new boat.

Our Columbia Carbon 32 is not an ordinary production boat. All of the Carbon 32’s are built to order. Each owner works directly with the factory, so they get exactly what they want – retractable diesel drive, custom electronics, colors, finishes, equipment – you name it.

As an incentive to act now (in time for spring racing), ColumbiaYachts is offering a credit toward optional equipment on the next three executed build contracts.

$10,000 for the 1st customer
$7,500 to the second
$5,000 to the third

Don’t be one of “those guys” who call in the spring. Call now and get the boat you deserve. This offer is available until December 1st.

Contact: Vince Valdes - President, Columbia Yachts at (714) 227-9212

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2013 Vineyard Race

The Columbia Carbon 32Weegie finished over an hour ahead of the next boat in it’s class in this years 238 mile Vineyard Race.  “Weegie” sailed in the double handed IRC class.  “Weegie’s” owner reports, “The weather was definitely up behind Block Island, we sailed upwind in 20 knots with 8-10 foot seas for 10 hours. We were staying with much larger fully crewed boats.  We crossed the line first, and had a great run especially 14 hours under the kite!”.

2013 Stratford Shoal Race

The Columbia Carbon 32, “Six Brothers”, was First to Finish and First Overall in the 46 mile 2013 Stratford Shoal Race.

“Six Brothers” owner reports, “It was great fun with the A3 spinnaker up heading to Stratford at 11 to 14 knots! We were sailing as fast or faster that true wind – the boat has amazing acceleration. We made the turn in about 2 hours and then close reached back to Oyster Bay at 8 knots. I love the boat and hope to get ready for 4 weekends of windward / leewards in September”