Beach Point Yacht Club’s Junior Overnight Race

The race, which consists of an approximately 65 mile course starting at Beach Point, extending to Stratford Shoal, and ending back at Beach Point, is widely considered the zenith of the junior big boat sailing season in western Long Island Sound. The rules require at least two adult “Advisors” to be onboard and at least 60% of the total crew must be Juniors. The Advisors are required to refrain from assisting the sailors with racing strategies and steering except when a safety issue is involved.

“Six Brothers”, a Columbia 32, competed in the race and took 1st place in PHRF Division A, and 1st place overall.


2014 Beach Point Junior Overnight PHRF Division A Results

Pos Sail Name Type Rating Corrected Time Overall
1 USA 32006 Six Brothers Columbia 32 51.0 0:09:07:20 1
2 USA 61220 Patriot J/122 30.0 0:09:18:50 3
3 USA 1200 High Noon CTM 41 -24.0 0:10:00:30 9
4 USA 51506 eXuberance X-44 36.0 0:14:10:40 14
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