VinceVincent Valdes, President and CEO

Vincent Valdes is responsible for strategic planning, product development, marketing, and operations.

Vince Valdes is the son of Richard Valdes, the original founder of Columbia Yachts, who built the company into an industry-dominating firm. Vince Valdes’ upbringing developed a passion for sailing and boat building. His father’s enthusiasm allowed him to develop his knowledge of the art of boat building and business management from a very early age.

Sailing and boat building are integral to Vince Valdes’ life story. During his youth, he was rigger/commissioner for Lancer Yachts (another of Richard Valdes’ successful sailboat ventures). Later, he worked with Mediterranean Yachts teaching clients piloting and seamanship skills.

Mr. Valdes holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of California at Los Angeles.