2013 Stratford Shoal Race

The Columbia Carbon 32, “Six Brothers”, was First to Finish and First Overall in the 46 mile 2013 Stratford Shoal Race.

“Six Brothers” owner reports, “It was great fun with the A3 spinnaker up heading to Stratford at 11 to 14 knots! We were sailing as fast or faster that true wind – the boat has amazing acceleration. We made the turn in about 2 hours and then close reached back to Oyster Bay at 8 knots. I love the boat and hope to get ready for 4 weekends of windward / leewards in September”

Six Brothers

Rye, NY – Our latest Carbon Columbia 32 was launched in August and is now sailing and racing on Long Island Sound. “Six Brothers” owned by Christian Kramer, sailing under the American Yacht Club and New York Yacht Club burgees, intends to race his new boat with his six sons (yes he has six boys) for the rest of the season and hopefully meet his sister ship “Weegie” on the race course for some close competition. “Weegie” is 1st of two Carbon Columbia 32 delivered to the area in as many months.

“Six Brothers” was manufactured in Santa Ana, CA and shipped out to Rye, NY on its own custom built aluminum road trailer, the trip from California took 5 days.

Keep an eye out for “Six Brothers” and “Weegie” on the water in Long Island Sound!

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2013 Long Point to Newport Beach

C-32 “eXigent” Owner, Taylor Grant of Newport Beach, CA finished First Overall in the 2013 Long Point to Newport Beach – a 26 mile ocean race in a fleet of 40 boats. Last year he was first overall on corrected time for the three race Long Point Invitational event.

“eXigent” is the e-glass prototype of our New Columbia Carbon 32.  Since Taylor has started racing “eXigent” he has sailed over a 1000 miles in local waters, made 74 starts and has trophied an incredible 52 times;  “I race with my family and friends.  It has been tremendously rewarding to help develop a level of camaraderie and teamwork that has contributed to our success.  Of course, the competitiveness of the boat when sailed in its “wheelhouse” conditions is critical. This is the perfect boat for the “dinghy” sailor to take to the open ocean.”

“It has been really been fun to be fortunate enough to beat larger race boats that are often manned by professionals, including some very well know boats with great reputations like the J125, J111, and J145. I have had more fun with my Columbia than any other boat I’ve owned! Coincidentally, I grew up racing on a Columbia 50 with my dad and brothers.”